Safe Mode

If you experience problems with the Internet Gate to the extent that it cannot be reached you can use Safe mode to temporarily restart the unit and fix the problem. You have a fair chance of getting the unit operational even if you have entered some illegal configuration that otherwise crash the unit immediately. You can check if an error is caused by configuration or hardware – without erasing any old settings.

Safe mode makes the Internet Gate temporarily use factory default settings. Instead of loading the settings from the last permanent save the Internet Gate boots up using factory defaults. Those factory default settings are used until power off.

Once the unit is up in safe mode you can redo all your valid configurations, and save permanently as usual. The next normal power-on will use those settings. If you do not save permanently in safe mode none of your settings will be affected, and the next normal power-on will use the same configuration as before.

To enter safe mode:

  • Keep the SET button pressed while turning Internet Gate on and keep it pressed until “SAFE” is shown on display.

In safe mode “SAFE” is shown at the end of the power-on sequence instead of the normal “HELLO”. To remind you that you are in safe – not normal – mode RST remains lit during the entire safe mode session.

:!: Note:
Both save permanently and reset to factory defaults work as usual during safe mode. If you save settings permanently while in safe mode those settings saved will replace the settings from the last permanent save. If you perform a reset to factory defaults while in safe mode you erase all your old settings.
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