ADSL Overview

The Internet Gate includes an ADSL modem for Internet access.
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The ADSL technology offers high-speed fixed Internet connections over existent twisted-pair telephone lines. No new wiring is necessary and the telephone line is kept open for ordinary voice calls.

ADSL uses two pieces of equipment, one is your ADSL modem, and one is a modem, or a so-called DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) located at your Internet Service Provider. The DSLAM is the equipment that really allows ADSL to happen. A DSLAM takes connections from many customers and aggregates them onto a single, high-capacity connection to the Internet. DSLAM

The Internet Gate ADSL modem is compatible with ADSL, T1.413, ADSL2, ADSL2+, Annex A, Annex B and Annex M standards.

The Internet Gate ADSL modem is compatible with DSLAMs from all major suppliers currently available on the market.


The ADSL technology uses existent twisted-pair telephone lines to provide high-speed fixed Internet connections. The ADSL signals are added to the wires carrying the standard telephone signals in the Central Offices.

Although the existing plain old telephone service and ADSL occupy distinct channels, they might influence one another.

In telephone devices ADSL signals can cause audible noise, telephone devices on their turn can interfere with ADSL signals causing degradation in data throughput.

To avoid this interference, a splitter is connected between the telephone outlet and the ADSL modem used. The splitter splits the two signals, preventing them to interfere on one another.

Your Internet Gate package includes an external splitter.

ADSL Settings

On the ADSL Settings page you can configure the ADSL modem that is built-in into your Internet Gate. The default settings are appropriate for most users and should only be changed by advanced users with in depth knowledge .

ADSL Status

The ADSL Status page shows the current status of your ADSL connection.
You can also see ADSL status on the front panel of the unit.


If you have problems with your ADSL connection take a look at the ADSL troubleshooting page.

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