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Latest firmware version available for download 5.36F3

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Please note that there usually are two different versions of each release:

  • 78Axxx.tar for networks using ADSL Annex A (normal analog telephone line)
  • 78Bxxx.tar for networks using ADSL Annex B (ISDN telephone line)

Your Internet Gate hardware must support the Annex used. Internet Gates connected to Ethernet WAN networks may use any version, but usually use the Annex A one.

:!: You should use the “Check for newer” link on your Internet Gate's Login page to automatically select the correct firmware version for download.

Or select the desired version below:


Instructions about how to install a new firmware are available here.

Release notes (List of new features)

  • bootloader integrity improved
  • config files partition handling improved
  • config files partition protection added
  • DHCP options 129-255 added
  • sipswitch page Chrome compability improved
  • PPPoE handling in backup file improved
  • IVR logging stability improved
  • Character % allowed in passwords
  • other minor improvments


  • unconditional FENT for NULL-NAT added
  • transparent SIP proxy improvments
  • sip trunk to sip switch synchronization improvements
  • SDP video port handling improved
  • static domain forwarding on IP alias corrected
  • via header corrected
  • call log improved
  • entering extension number on SIP trunk page corrected
  • allow early exit of blacklist processing
  • other minor improvments

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Important notes

Dynamic DNS client in 5.35 and later firmware
The built-in dynamic DNS client in the firmware has been replaced with a new one. As the new client is configured differently, it must be reconfigured manually after the firmware upgrade. Support for has been added, since (formerly, formerly no longer offers free dynamic DNS accounts.

Configuration Backup in 5.32 and later firmware
To be able to load a backup file created by one unit into another unit, you now have to provide a password when creating the backup file at the Administration page. If you do not provide a password the created backup file can only be loaded into the same unit as created it.

NOTE: Backup files created by release 5.32 and higher cannot be loaded into units running previous releases!

Configuration Restore in 5.32 and later firmware
If a backup file was created using a password the same password must be entered when loading it.

Configuration Restore now performs a reset to factory defaults before loading the settings from the file, and thereafter saves the restored settings permanently. Therefore, two reboots are performed by the unit when restoring settings.

NOTE: Backup files created by releases previous to 5.32 as well as backup files created without password on other units, will load most of the settings, but not passwords due to security reasons

Encrypted Passwords in 5.32 and later firmware
Passwords and other sensitive information are now - for security reasons - stored encrypted, shown encrypted on web pages and saved encrypted in backup files. The encryption key is unique for every individual unit.

When upgrading to 5.32 your settings will automatically be encrypted (and an extra reboot is performed).

Additional SIP security functions in 5.30 and later firmware
Protection against common SipVicious attacks, general DoS SIP attacks and SIP brute force password guessing has been added.

  • On the SIP Switch page, header information to protect against common SipVicious attacks is added in the Incoming Call Blacklist table when upgrading to 5.30.
  • On the Security pages, under General settings, SIP flood detection is added. The default values: Trigger levels: Low 5, High 40, Quarantine time 300 seconds are only added after factory default. Add values manually to activate protection!
  • On the SIP Advanced page, under Authorized Users, Brute force attack protection is added. The default values: allow 3 authentication attempts within an interval of 30 seconds are only added after factory default. Add values manually to activate protection!

See the help texts in the web GUI for more information!

General note when upgrading to 5.20 or later from earlier firmware
If you have used the Internet Gate as a wireless access point and have upgraded it to 5.20 you will notice that the wireless transmitter of the Internet Gate is turned off upon the upgrade, and your wireless settings are reset.

To re-establish your wireless connection:

  • Delete the the Internet Gate from your PC's “Preferred Wireless Networks” list
  • Enter your wireless settings again manually to your Internet Gate's Wireless Settings page, Save permanently and reboot
  • Refresh your PC's “Available Wireless Networks” list, select your Internet Gate and connect to it

Wireless note
The wireless connection is disabled by default thus performing a factory default will turn it off. To temporarily enable the wireless access - without any encryption - hold the SEL button on the front panel pressed for 10 seconds. It is highly recommended that you enable encryption (WPA or WPA2) on your wireless connection as soon as possible!

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