Wireless Access Point

The Internet Gate has a built-in 802.11b/g wireless access point allowing WiFi clients to connect to it.

For security reasons the wireless interface is turned off when shipped from the factory. You must enable the wireless interface to be able to use it.

Up to three different access points can be configured on the same unit, allowing for example one public unencrypted access point and one private encrypted one.

The Internet Gate has two wireless antennas: one external and one built-in.

Enable Wireless

To enable the wireless interface connect to the Internet Gate using an Ethernet cable and open its wireless page, select a suitable security encryption, check the Wireless enabled checkbox, and click on Save & Reboot.

You can also, as an alternative method, hold SEL button pressed on the front of the unit for 8 seconds until “Air” “on” is shown on the display. An unsecured wireless access point SIPGT has now been activated that you can connect to so that you can access the wireless page for configuration.


Read this tutorial for examples of different types of access points and how to configure them.

Wireless Security

:!: It is extremely important to protect your wireless network!

An unprotected wireless network means anybody within several hundred meters from you can eavesdrop on your communication, steal your data, credit card numbers, or infect your computers with viruses!

We strongly recommend you to use WPA2 encryption!

Read more on the wireless security page!

Troubleshoot Wireless

:?: Some common wireless problems and their solutions are discussed on the troubleshoot page.

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