Wireless Security

:!: It is extremely important to protect your wireless network!

An unprotected wireless network means anybody within several hundred meters from you can eavesdrop on your communication, steal your data, credit card numbers, or infect your computers with viruses!

We strongly recommend you to use WPA2 encryption!

The Internet Gate offers several different ways of increasing wireless security:


You can select WEP, WPA and WPA2 as Security (encryption).

:!: Avoid using WEP as it has very weak security! Only use WEP if absolutely necessary, e.g. when connecting legacy clients only capable of WEP.

Access Control

You can specify exactly which clients are allowed to connect to your Internet Gate.

Specify the MAC address of each allowed client then enable Access Control to allow only those clients to connect.

Closed System

Closed System means your Internet Gate does not appear on clients “Available hosts” list, but must be connected to manually.

Café mode

Cafe mode means each client can connect to the Internet Gate and the Internet, but they cannot communicate with each other. Wireless clients A and B can both connect to the Internet, but client A cannot connect to client B.


Read more about wireless security configuration.

You configure the above wireless security settings on the wireless page.

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