Wireless Settings

The Internet Gate has three configurable wireless access points: AIR, AIR2 and AIR3. Each of these access points has different SSID and can have different encryptions.

:!: Make sure to Apply your settings before changing between AIR, AIR2 and AIR3, or your changes will be lost!

Common settings

Wireless page in rel 5.30

Some settings are common for all three access points. All three configurable access points transmit on the same channel and use the same wireless mode.

For best wireless performance and connection stability set Wireless Mode to 802.11G only. Use the mixed mode 802.11B/G only if you do have old legacy equipment connected that only supports the older 802.11B wireless standard. 802.11B/G is selected by default to be as compatible as possible, but you are recommended to change the setting to 802.11G only.


There are three configurable access points. AIR is always enabled is the wireless transmitter is enabled (in the common settings box above), AIR2 and AIR3 must be enabled manually.

The three wireless access points must have different names, SSID-s.

The three wireless access points can have different security settings, allowing combinations of open and encrypted wireless connections.

:!: Switching between settings for AIR, AIR2 and AIR3 is done by clicking on corresponding tab. But remember that you must click Apply to save any changes done on one tab before selecting another! Otherwise your changes will be lost.

Save & Reboot

After you have made any changes on the Wireless Settings page you must click Save & Reboot to save your settings permanently and reboot the unit! Otherwise the new configuration may not be correctly installed.

The “Apply” button should only be used if you want to configure several AIR interfaces before saving and rebooting the unit. Be sure to save permanently and reboot the unit after all your changes has been made! Several settings of the wireless access point require reboot to be correctly activated.

Read more

Read more about Internet Gate's wireless access points, troubleshooting and tutorial here.

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