Using the scheduler you can automatically alter the configuration of your Internet Gate depending on the time of day.

:!: To be able to use the scheduler the unit must know the current date and time. Check the system log if it uses correct date and time, and adjust time settings on Administration page if neccessary.

Scheduler in rel 5.30

Day - Days to perform the action on. Selection “weekday” means Monday through Friday.

Time - Time to perform the action at.
:!: Time must be entered as HH:MM (hour:minute) in 24-hour format! For example: 08:00 and 16:45

Action - The action to carry out:

  • Switch to Hi/Lo/AC/blo - change security profile.
  • Enable/Disable AIR - (visible only on units with wireless access points) Turn wireless access point on/off. (Even though it is called disable AIR it actually disables all wireless, including AIR2 and AIR3 too.)
  • Enable/Disable LINE Incoming/Outgoing calls - (visible only on units with telephony ports) Allow/deny users to receive/make calls using the telephone line.
  • Enable/Disable PHONE 1/2 Do not disturb - (visible only on units with telephony ports) Deny/allow users to call phones connected to PHONE 1/2 ports.
  • Apply advanced setting 1/2/3/4 - (only for advanced users) Perform advanced setting 1/2/3/4 (see “Advanced” below).
  • Save Permanently - Save all unsaved settings permanently.
  • Reboot - Restarts the unit.

Multiple entries with same day and time are carried out in top-to-bottom order. To remove an entry clear all of its three fields.

:!: The sceduler only changes the settings temporarily. It does not save them permanently. Thus rebooting the unit cancels any changes made by the scheduler and returns the unit into its latest permanently saved settings.
Also, if you save settings permanently, current changes made by the scheduler will also become saved permanently with the changed value.

Certain changes (such as turning wireless on or off - enable/disable AIR) require a reboot. In such case you need to schedule three events with same day and time stamp: enable/disable AIR, save permanently, and reboot.


The advanced settings allow advanced users to alter settings not listed in the Action field of the scheduler.

Advanced users only!
Incorrect settings may render your unit uncontactable, requiring a reboot or even a reset to factory defaults to recover.

Setting 1/2/3/4 - Up to 4 different setting files can be entered. Each setting file can contain multiple settings to alter.
The settings file contains files and entries to change:

##@#//isfs/file to change
entry=new value

Multiple entries and file headers can be entered. The setting files use the same syntax as backup files.

Test - Apply the advanced settings currently shown. Use to test if your settings file is correct.
:!: If the settings did not perform as desired check system log page for errors. To restore unit to normal configuration again turn power off and then on again.

Click Apply to save your advanced settings file, then save permanently.

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