Apply and Save permanently


:!: On all configuration webpages you must click Apply to save your changes.

Apply saves your changes.

Apply & Return saves your changes and returns to the main menu.

If you reload the webpage, or browse to some other webpage, your changes will be lost.

Your changes will remain active until you reboot your unit.

:!: Rebooting Internet Gate erases all settings not permanently saved.

Save permanently

:!: To ensure your settings survive power off you must save your settings permanently.

If you have applied changes that are not saved permanently you get a Changes made! warning at the top of each configuration webpage, and CFG is lit in the unit's display.

To save your settings permanently click Click here to save permanently at the top of the configuration webpage, or hold SET pressed 5 seconds, press SEL once then press ALT button on the front panel.

Do not turn unit off until save is complete (no more rotating bars in display).

Test your changes

The reason of this apply/save method is to allow you to test configuration changes.

Configure the unit as you want, then click Apply. Now you can test out the new configuration.

If the new configuration is OK you can save it permanently.

If the new configuration was not satisfactory then you can revert back to previous configuration simply by turning unit off and then on again.

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