Debug Information


If an error occurs debug information is collected automatically in the Internet Gate.

You can also collect debug information manually using the “Collect debug info now” button on the Administration page. (Visible only if no debug info currently collected.)

You can also use the front panel buttons to collect debug information manually:

  1. Hold SET pressed for 5 sec.
  2. Press SEL repeatedly until RS is lit.
  3. Press SET

The collected debug information survives restart of the unit.

:!: If your unit has become uncontactable as a result of the occurred error you are recommended to reboot the unit.


If collected debug information is available “Stored debug information is present in internal memory” is shown on the Administration page.

To save collected debug information to a PC file:

  1. Describe the error you have experienced in the Description field
  2. click Save to File (Button only visible if there is collected debug information present.)

:!: It may take up to 30 seconds after click on Save to File before file save dialog box appears. Click once, be patient.

The collected debug information is saved to a file on your PC. You can e-mail the debug file to support, or -if you have an SMTP server configured- make your Internet Gate e-mail it automatically.


The saved debug file contains lots of information about the state of your Internet Gate at the moment you have collected debug information. The information is however highly technical, suitable for advanced support personnel only.

The saved debug file also contains a dump of your configuration settings. To ensure your privacy all passwords has been removed from the saved configuration though.


Exceptions are fatal errors that make the unit “crash” - no further operation is possible. Exceptions automatically create a smaller kind of debug information (called exception files), and reboot the unit automatically.

When creating a debug file it may contain either a large debug information or a small exception information, or in some cases both.

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