Front Panel Configuration

  • By holding the SET button pressed on the front panel you enter Setup mode.
  • As soon as SET button is pressed the firmware release number is displayed. If TS is lit after the firmware release number it indicates a test version – the firmware running in this unit is not a final released firmware, but a Beta- or pre-release.
  • After 3 seconds AD is lit – now you can release SET button.

By pressing SEL button repeatedly you cycle through the different settings available. Press SET button to change the selected setting.

Holding SEL button pressed 3 seconds at any time aborts configuration and immediately returns display into normal mode.

Front Panel Configuration can be disabled on the Administration page.

AD - View IP address

  • Press SEL button repeatedly to cycle through available interfaces (dsl / WAN / LAN / USB / Air).
  • Press SET to choose that interface, and press SET repeatedly to see the selected interface’s IP address and mask.

If pressing ALT instead of SET when AD is lit, the unit’s master MAC address is shown instead. Press ALT repeatedly to show all its digits.

CFG - Edit IP address

  • Press SEL button repeatedly to cycle through available interfaces (dsl / WAN / LAN / USB / Air). (If pressing ALT instead of SET, all settings are saved permanently.)
  • Press SET to choose that interface.
  • Now the first digit of the IP address can be altered using the ALT button. Press SEL to go to the next digit of the IP address, or SET to go to the previous digit.
  • After all digits of the IP address has been specified the first section of the subnet mask appears. You cycle through valid subnet mask values using the ALT button and press SEL to select the next section of the subnet mask.
  • After all four sections of the subnet mask has been specified the IP address and mask is saved in memory.

DHP - Read from USB

Read configuration or flash image from attached USB memory.(Only shown if there is an /ix78 directory in attached USB memory.)

  • Press SET button to access USB memory stick.
  • “SEt” is shown if there is an /ix78/settings.txt file present on USB memory. Press SET to load it as a saved backup file.
  • Press SEL to access USB memory stick again:
  • “FLI” is shown if there is an /ix78/flashimage.bin file of 8MB in size present on USB memory. Press SET to burn it into unit’s flash memory as a flash image file.

RST - Reset all settings to factory defaults

  • Asks “clear all?” and then displays “no”.
  • Press SEL button to change to “YES” and press SET to wipe out all your settings, restore them to factory defaults, and reboot the unit.
  • If holding ALT button pressed 3 seconds instead of pressing SEL above then “YES.” (observe the dot) is displayed instead. Pressing SET now will only reset the unit’s password to admin/admin, but keeps all other settings unchanged. The unit will not reboot.

LQ - Perform diagnostic tests

Tests WAN and LAN connectivity. Any problems found are displayed as error codes. If no problems were found “Passed” is displayed.

  • Press SEL button after each error code shown.
Error codes:
E 1 No ADSL / WAN port link.
E 2 No WAN DHCP server found.
E 3 No WAN gateway found.
E 4 No WAN DNS server found.
E 5 No WAN Internet connection.
E11 No LAN port link.
E12 No LAN client has requested any DHCP addresses.
E13 No LAN Ethernet packets received at all.
(Not all error codes are available in all models and releases.)

RS - Collect debug information

  • Press SET to collect debug information about the unit’s current state and store it in its flash memory. (Pressing ALT instead will display the load on the unit’s CPU in percentage of time busy working.

The collected debug information survives power-off and can later be accessed through the Administration web page.

If display shows FE when RS is lit it indicates “File Exists” – a debug file is already saved in the unit, pressing SET will overwrite it.

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