Initial Installation

This topic describes the installation procedure for the most common installation scenario where the Internet Gate is used as a router on a local network to share a single connection to the Internet.

For other installation scenarios please refer to the installation information provided with your unit.

Hardware Installation

Connect the splitter supplied with your Internet Gate to the main telephone connector in your home. Connect Internet Gate's LINE port with the splitter.

Connect a PC to Internet Gate's ET1 port. The PC shall use DHCP to acquire its IP address and other settings (as it is default in Windows).

Connect the power supply to Internet Gate and turn power on using the button on the back panel. Internet Gate should now display first RST, then CFG RST, then after a couple of seconds HELLO in its display.

Connect to the web server

Start a web browser on the PC attached to ET1 and enter into the browser's address field.

On the appearing Login page click “Log in” and enter username admin password admin.

:?: If you cannot browse to the Login page check connect to GUI troubleshooting.

Set up Internet Access

If your Internet Provider doesn't require any special log in you should now be able to access the Internet. Try surf to an external web site (for instance If you manage to reach the Internet continue to “Configure unit” below.

:?: Some Internet Providers require their users to log in before they can access the Internet. If you have received a username and a password from your Internet Provider then you need to enter those on the Network page (select “Access type: Auto” to see the User and Password fields).

Select Access type:Auto and click Search to allow Internet Gate to try to connect to your Internet Provider. If it fails then you need to enter access type information manually, consult your Internet Provider.

:?: If you cannot reach the Internet check Internet access problems troubleshooting.

Configure unit

Using the webpages reached from the main menu you can now configure your unit.

Configure LAN IP subnet used on the Network page.

Configure Wireless Access Point on the Wireless page.

Change user admin's password on the Administration page.

Save your changes permanently.

Connect your LAN

If you have more PC-s you can connect them to Ethernet ports ET2 and ET3 of the unit. Use Ethernet switches to connect more equipment.

Port ET4 is on a different subnet than ports ET1/2/3 thus accessing equipment connected to ET4 may be more difficult. ET4 is on the other hand suitable for servers on a DMZ.

Connect any analogue phones to ports PH1 and PH2 to convert them to IP telephones.

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