Back Panel

Note: Actual back panel of your Internet Gate model might differ from image above. Certain ports might be missing on cheaper models.


ADSL connector, used as WAN port for connecting Internet Gate to the Internet using an ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ connection. Uses middle two pins in connector.

FXO connector, used to connect Internet Gate to global telephone network to make and receive ordinary telephone calls. Uses outer two pins in connector.

Not used by your Internet Gate.

PH2, PH1

FXS connectors allowing connection of up to 5 analogue telephones per port, converting them into IP-phones. PH1 and PH2 can have different SIP addresses (telephone numbers).


If ADSL is used as WAN connection ET0 is on the same subnet as ports ET1, ET2 and ET3. It can however be converted to be the WAN port on the Network page (disabling ADSL).

ET1, ET2, ET3

Ethernet switch for connecting clients on your LAN to Internet Gate. All three ports are on the same subnet.


Ethernet port on a different subnet than ET1/2/3, allowing use of a second LAN, or a DMZ.


USB 2.0 master port accepting connection of USB memory.


Wireless access point with up to three virtual access points (different SSID-s and encryption), on a different subnet as LAN, or bridged to same subnet (controlled on Network page).


Power supply connector and power button.

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