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Front Panel


There are several lamps indicating interface status:

AIR Wireless (802.11b/g)
PH1 and PH2 First and second telephone port (FXS) indicator
OFF – Phone not registered
Steady GREEN – Phone registered
Flashing RED – Dialing
Steady RED – In use
GREEN / RED flashing – Message waiting
RED strobe (1.3s off and 0.3s on) – Unavailable
LINE Telephony gateway (FXO) indicator:
OFF – Not in use
Slow RED flash – Dialing / ringing
Fast RED flash – Extension selection
Steady RED – In use
RED strobe (1.3s off and 0.3s on) – Unavailable

ADSL status indicator:
Slow GREEN flash - ADSL training
Steady GREEN - ADSL connected (FXO idle)
GREEN flicker - ADSL data sent or received
USB USB memory stick connected
ET0-ET4 Ethernet interface connected

Light - The interface is connected.

No light - The interface is not in use.

Blinking - Indicates that data is being sent or received.


Three buttons allow you configure the unit:

SET Press and hold for three seconds to enter the set-up mode
SEL Press to select between different displays/values.
Press for three seconds to cancel and leave set-up mode.
Press for 10 seconds to turn wireless access point on or off.
ALT Press to select firewall security profile.
Press and hold for three seconds to allow remote configuration.

:!: Keys can be disabled on the Administration page.

By keeping some buttons pressed during power on unit can enter special modes.


The 3-digit display shows status and allows configuration. Above and to the right of the 3 digits are small text indicators showing what is currently displayed:

Normal mode:
AD -
CFG Configuration has been changed without saving it permanently.
Powering off unit will result in loosing your changes.
RST Unit is in safe mode, using default values temporarily.
LQ Line quality (SNR margin)
TS Transmit speed (Kbps)
RS Receive speed (Mbps)
Configuration mode:
AD View IP address / View MAC address
CFG Edit IP address / Save settings permanently
DHP Read from USB
RST Reset to factory defaults
LQ Perform diagnostic test
TS -
RS Collect debug information
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