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USB support

You can attach a USB memory stick to Internet Gate's USB port.

All USB devices conforming to the USB Mass Storage Device class of the USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 standards can be used provided they use the file system FAT32.

:!: No other USB device classes are supported. No other file systems (like NTFS or FAT) are supported.

:!: Even though in theory FAT32 supports disc sizes up to 2TB, and you can connect USB hard discs to Internet Gate, you should avoid using USB memories with higher capacity than 1GB, as larger sizes tend to slow down mounting and usage of the memory with the Internet Gate.


The USB memory must be formated to file system FAT32. You can do this formating either in your PC or Internet Gate.

In PC:

  1. Insert the USB memory into your PC
  2. Make sure it uses file system FAT32: right click on the device’s icon in Windows™ Explorer™ and select Properties to see file system used.
  3. If file system used is FAT, NTFS or some other then right click again and select Format to reformat the USB memory to FAT32.

In Internet Gate:

  1. Insert the USB memory into Internet Gate
  2. If file system is not FAT32 a Format button is visible on the page. Click to reformat to FAT32.


There are several features of the Internet Gate that use the USB memory. Below table lists those features together with the default folder they use on the USB memory:

Feature default USB folder(s)
USB webserver /www , /intranet
Logging /log
Voicemail /voicemail

backup file /ix78/settings.txt
flash image file /ix78/flashimage.bin

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