USB Web Server

You can use the Internet Gate as a web server, to create your own web site with your own web pages. The web pages are stored on a USB memory stick inserted into Internet Gate’s USB port.

All USB devices conforming to the USB Mass Storage Device class of the USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 standards can be used provided they use the file system FAT32. Read more

To use this feature just put a couple of web pages on a USB memory stick and plug it into your Internet Gate. An easy way to create your own web pages is to choose Save As… Web page in Microsoft™ Word™ - or you can use a dedicated HTML editor program.


Four web GUI pages control the USB web server:

  • Security Profile - enable both Web server and Use Built-in Web server in “Allowed applications” to allow PC-s on the Internet access your webpages
  • USB Web Server page - configure what folders on attached USB memory web server is allowed to access
  • USB Web Server Status page - displays information about attached USB memory and web server access counters
  • USB File Browser - allows file browser-like viewing of USB memory folders and files

Inside – outside

Every field of the configuration is doubled on the USB Web Server page. You can have different configurations depending on if the client requesting the web page is on the LAN behind the Internet Gate (=inside) or somewhere on the Internet (=outside).

This way you can have both an Internet site and an Intranet site on your Internet Gate.
Or – if you set the WAN and LAN settings to same – you can display same pages for both.

Using the default configuration you should put Intranet pages into the \intranet directory on the USB memory, and Internet pages into the \www directory.


Alternative configurations

Internet+Intranet Internet/lsusb

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