Connect to the Internet Gate Web Server

If you are experiencing problems connecting to the unit's internal web server there are a few initial tests you can do.

Are all cables connected properly?

Each Ethernet port that is connected should have the corresponding LED lit.

Are the PCs connected to your local network properly configured?

The normal installation procedure assumes that no other DHCP server or router is present on the local network, and that all computers connected to the Internet Gate are configured to receive configuration data from the Internet Gate (DHCP).

Check the following settings for each device on you local network:

  1. Each device connected to your local network must have a unique IP address in the same address range as the Internet Gate's IP address.
  2. All devices on must use the same subnet mask as the Internet Gate. The default is
  3. Set the devices default gateway address to the Internet Gate's IP address.

Reboot your PC and try again.

Do you have another DHCP server on your local network?

A local network can only have a single DHCP server operating at a time.

It is recommended that you turn the existing DHCP server off and use the Internet Gate to distribute IP addresses to all the devices on your local network. Advanced users may use an existing DHCP server and turn the DHCP server in the Internet Gate off.

Do you use static IP addresses on your local network?

The DHCP server in the Internet Gate distributes IP addresses to all devices on the inside network, configured as DHCP clients. If the devices on your inside network use static IP addresses, or if you want to use another DHCP server on your network, you should turn the DHCP server off on the Network page.

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