E-mail (SMTP) problems


The built-in SMTP client cannot:

  • Connect to web-based e-mail services such as hotmail or gmail
  • Connect to servers using SSL/TLS encryption
  • Use other authentication methods than AUTH LOGIN

Connection problems

SMTP problems usually arise due to incompabilities between the built-in SMTP client and the remote SMTP server.

Some Internet service providers block the use of port 25. You might need to use some alternative port number to be able to connect to the SMTP server. Check with the server operator what alternative port numbers they offer.

If your ISP or employer does not provide you with a compatible SMTP server you can use some free e-mail services available on the Internet.

Compatible public SMTP servers:


Yahoo e-mail was tested compatible with Internet Gate's SMTP client.

Get your own free Yahoo e-mail account at http://www.yahoo.com

On the e-mail_page enter:

  • IP address:
  • Port: 587
  • and the From-address, username and password you have got from Yahoo

Wrong date or time

If the e-mails sent by the Internet Gate has wrong date or time stamp adjust your timezone setting on Administration page.

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