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The Internet Gate has a built-in SNMPv2 client allowing remote SNMP browsers to view/edit certain configuration values. Read more about SNMP on Wikipedia.

MIBS supported are:

  • RFC1213
  • Custom MIB

:!: To allow remote (WAN/Internet) SNMP servers access to your unit you must enable Remote configuration (SNMP) in “Allowed applications” on the security profile page.

:!: To allow local (LAN) SNMP servers access to your unit you must enable Administration (SNMP) in “Applications from inside” on the security profile page.

You configure SNMP community and server address settings on the Administration page.

You configure SNMP logging on the Log configuration page.

Custom MIB

There is a custom MIB for the Internet Gate allowing access to some non-standard, Internet Gate-specific OID-s. To be able to use those values you need to install the custom MIB in your MIB browser.

Base OID for the custom MIB is .


Allows you to see latest entry logged on unit's system log, and select what log events should automatically generate SNMP traps with OID . Same configuration as on Log configuration page.


Allows you to see call quality measurements (packet loss, MOS score) for last 10 SIP calls made through the Internet Gate.

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