Local DNS server

Your Internet Gate can act as a local DNS server for your LAN.

You can reach local PC-s using their name instead of their IP address.

The DNS server is only used for local name lookups. Global URL-s are still resolved by your Internet Provider's DNS servers (as configured on the Network page). Global lookups are however cached, thus a second resolve request is answered immediately, without need of a second global lookup.

Local DNS server in rel 5.30 You are recommended to set the local DNS server's domain to the same as all PC-s on the LAN use. For example if all PC-s use domain “local.lan” then you only need to enter “john” instead of “john.local.lan” to find John's PC.

The Hostname table is automatically filled with names the unit's DHCP server finds. Clients with static IP addresses need however to be entered manually.

You can also enter global full URL-s and global IP addresses to make the DNS server resolve them too without forwarding the request to the Internet Provider's global DNS server.

DHCP Server

Internet Gate's DHCP server hands out the unit's own IP address as DNS server, thus all DHCP clients will use this local DNS server for name resolving. If you for some reason want to use some other DNS server then you need to configure it on the DHCP server page.


There are a couple of hardcoded selfnames the DNS server always recognises and resolves to its own IP address:

ix78, intertex, surfinbird,

sipgt, dslmodem, modem,

router, intranet, www

You might need to add the domain to resolve if your PC is set to another domain (“sipgt.local.lan”).

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