The SIP log is a history of all SIP events (messages) and is used for support issues.

Each message has a timestamp, a source and a severity level.

Severity levels are:

  • Emergency
  • Alert
  • Critical
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Notice
  • Info
  • Debug

:!: Info and debug messages are not logged by default. If support requests you, you can change log levels on the log configuration page.

During normal operation there is little need of monitoring the SIP log. You should consult the SIP log for messages if the unit or attached SIP clients are behaving incorrectly, or you have made some configuration but it is not activated. Check then for error messages.

:!: Easiest way of copying the SIP log to e.g. an e-mail is using Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C


You can export the SIP log to various receivers (syslog server, SNMP server, e-mail, USB, etc) on the log configuration page.

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