Remote Configuration - permanently

If you want to make the web configuration pages constantly available on the Internet, you may enable Remote Configuration in a security profile.

The web configuration pages will then be available on the Internet the same way as they are on your local network.

Information about temporary remote access is available here.

:!: You must change the admin password in the unit before you make the web configuration pages available on the Internet!

Once enabled in a security profile, the web configuration interface is available from any computer connected on the Internet on the global IP address followed by :66 (or 78 for https)


To make the Internet Gate web configuration available from the outside:

  1. On the Security page select the security profile you want to enable remote configuration for.
  2. Check “Remote configuration (Web)” under Allowed applications .
  3. Optionally, enter an external IP address and mask to only allow remote configuration from specific IP addresses (which gives better security).

Use a strong password to avoid unauthorized access to your unit!

It is more secure to use https than http for connection, but remember it only makes eavesdropping more difficult - it does not improve protection against people guessing your password!

:!: Remember that there is risk in making your web configuration pages available on the Internet if your password may become known!
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