The built-in firmware in the product may be upgraded to newer versions, with more functionality and features.

Upgrade Firmware

You can download the new firmware to your PC's hard disc, use the link on the page. Then use this page to download the firmware into the unit, a two stage process:

  1. Prepare for upgrade The Select firmware file field becomes visible and you will carry on from here.
  2. Select firmware file Select the TAR file, previously downloaded, now located on your PC's hard disc.

Upgrade page in rel 5.30

:!: Some web browsers only show HTML files in the popup-window. In that case, enter “*.tar” as file name and press ENTER. This makes all TAR files to be shown instead.

Go - After you have selected a file, press Go. The file is then loaded into the product and is burnt into Flash-memory (may take a minute or two). Then the unit is rebooted.

Upgrade Features

After buying an augmented feature from the web shop, copy the IFC code (Individual Feature Code) and paste it here. Then press Save. (The web shop may do this automatically for you)

Enquire Upgrade Server

There may be services offered by your Internet (or other) provider to supply you with new configurations and features. If these options are applicable you have probably received some kind of information from your provider.


A service (Internet) provider may have configuration files on a server which your unit can collect - automatically or on request by you. These configuration files can help you setting up certain features in your unit, setting account information etc.

Check now Click the button to check for newer files on the server (if supported by your provider). This is also done automatically, but at a low frequency.

Get manually from server. Code: Entering a code here gets you a configuration from the provider's server. If to be used, you have been instructed and got a code from your service (Internet) provider.


A service provider may have arranged for the unit being upgraded to the latest firmware, when such a firmware has been released. Checking for any newer firmware (than is currently stored in the unit) is done on a regular basis, but can be forced by clicking the Check now button.


A service provider may have a website and/or other procedures for selling licenses and features for the product. If so, the execution of such a purchase (i.e. loading the new license/feature into the unit) is done in a timed manner, but can be speeded up by clicking the Check now button.


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