Release Notes


Date: 2015-APR-15

  • minor improvments for operator Telia


Date: 2014-DEC-12

  • bootloader integrity improved
  • config files partition handling improved
  • config files partition protection added
  • DHCP options 129-255 added
  • sipswitch page Chrome compability improved
  • PPPoE handling in backup file improved
  • IVR logging stability improved
  • Character % allowed in passwords
  • other minor improvments

SIP related:

  • unconditional FENT for NULL-NAT added
  • transparent SIP proxy improvments
  • sip trunk to sip switch synchronization improvements
  • SDP video port handling improved
  • static domain forwarding on IP alias corrected
  • via header corrected
  • call log improved
  • entering extension number on SIP trunk page corrected
  • allow early exit of blacklist processing
  • other minor improvments


Date: 2012-NOV-15

  • Increased default number, and removed upper limit of flows
  • SIP stability and compatibility improvements
  • SIP outbound proxy table layout changed
  • Wifi default mode changed to 802.11g only
  • VPN stability improved


Date: 2012-JUN-11

PBX related (The SIP Switch):

  • Test agent added: Dial testme or 8888, alternatively testservice or 8889
  • PBX features improved
  • Personal page improved
  • Option to discard short voice mail messages added
  • Option for automatic deletion of oldest voice mail message added (when maximum messages exceeded)
  • SIP Switch overview page improved
  • Call log: Added DSCP bits, used WAN-interfaces and IP-address to media entries
  • Call log: Round trip delay for each side of the call
  • Incoming call scheduler added (requires Pro-license)
  • SIP Switch (Overview) page speeded up
  • Automatic creation of auto attendant, voice mail and conference room units after licenses added

Auto Attendant improvements:

  • Added tag ;dtmf-digit to enable time-dependent auto-attendant behavior
  • Added support for processing of DTMF digits via SIP-INFO
  • Added tag ;nextMenu= allowing auto attendant to play audio during transfer

Voicemail improvements:

  • Default voicemail template now visible
  • Date of voicemail mails improved
  • Added tag ;automata to inhibit voicemail answer if caller is an automat (like a conference unit inviting to conference)
  • Further voice mail improvements

SIP related:

  • TLS able to use certificate CN as FQDN added
  • Authorization based on TLS certificate now possible
  • SIP outbound proxy IP alias field added
  • SIP now uses TCP internally for large messages
  • SDP session version handling improved
  • Ability to repair bad route sets added
  • 3xx redirect option in forward fields
  • Call transfer improved (PRACK timeout)
  • PRACK settings for telephone ports corrected
  • Route on To Header corrected
  • Route header processing improved
  • Time of day routing, daylight savings time corrected
  • LAN SIParator port handling improved
  • FENT port number reuse corrected
  • One way media issue corrected
  • Other SIP improvements


  • New dynamic DNS client with support of more dyndns providers
  • Config pages now also accessible from within VPN tunnels
  • VPN stability improved
  • Long (31-63 chars) Wifi WPA/WPA2 passphrases can now be entered
  • USB File Browser now shows USB root catalogue for LAN users
  • Flash file system access stability improved
  • Handling of non-admin users improved
  • Deletion of passwords corrected
  • PPP chap/pap timeouts increased
  • Some help texts updated
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2012-MAR-12

  • Wireless connection stability improved


Date: 2011-NOV-14

  • Buy link for wireless upgrade hidden if provisioning decides so.
  • SIP and voice stability improved.
  • Other SIP improvements


Date: 2011-OCT-14

  • USB long directory names improved
  • USB memory stick compatibility improved
  • Handling of empty passwords corrected
  • SMTP client stability and compatibility improved
  • SMTP client now adds date field to sent e-mails
  • Stability improvements
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2011-AUG-31


  • Dropdown menu entry “Log out” added
  • Help texts improved on several pages
  • Online manual links point to new site
  • VPN stability during heavy load improved
  • TR-069 support improved
  • Support of new PBX licenses (seat-type, auto attendants)

SIP related:

  • Internal PBX named “SIP Switch” introduced (requires license)
  • SIP Switch Overview page added (requires license)
  • Seat type Basic and Pro added (requires license)
  • Internal voicemail added (requires license)
  • Auto Attendant added (requires license)
  • PBX scheduler, time of day routing introduced
  • Ring time setting introduced on PBX personal page
  • “SIP” page renamed to “SIP Server” page
  • “SIP Switch” page renamed to “SIP Switch Advanced”
  • Trunk config improved: support of multiple PBXs and fallback SIP server
  • Duplicate AOR for phone ports allowed
  • Checkbox “always use B2BUA” added on SIP Switch Advanced page
  • B2BUA end-to-end BYE and PRACK handling now configurable
  • Call log improved
  • Client support of RFC 5626 small (CRLF) keep-alive packets



Date: 2011-NOV-10

  • SIP correction of authenticated re-INVITE without SDP through B2BUA


Date: 2011-OCT-14

  • Stability when installing licenses improved
  • Telephone ports' PRACK settings corrected
  • WiFi stability improved
  • WiFi WPA long (more than 31 chars) passphrases corrected
  • Bootloader factory default improved
  • Handling of unit-specific CWMP (TR-069) improved
  • Minor memory leak corrected when using IPSec
  • SIParator spirals corrected
  • SNOM FENT compatibility improved


Date: 2011-AUG-31

  • Support for hardware with 16MB flash memory added
  • CWMP (TR-069) stability improved


Date: 2011-JUL-21


  • Encrypted passwords
  • Changed procedures for Backup/Restore of configuration
  • Firmware upgrade files with both .tar and .ii extension accepted

SIP related:

  • Support of RFC 3262, 100rel and PRACK in SIP B2BUA and FXS ports
  • localgw no longer default value for emergency routing
  • Authentication efficiency improved “reuse received nonces”
  • Call log media statistics improved
  • Voice prioritization over SIP signaling improved
  • WAN SIParator 1 mode DHCP sniffing improved
  • GUI for whitelist settings: Now possible to set AC and RI from user page
  • Multiple “Supported:” headers handling improved
  • Support of GIN registration, draft-ietf-martini-gin
  • CSRC extension headers handling in RTP of Telephone port corrected
  • FENT asymmetric streams/one way media problem resolved
  • SIP ”Allow:” header INFO handling improved


  • SMTP client
  • E-mail logs & debug file
  • Flow quotas (Filesharing programs can no longer consume all flows)
  • Disable HTTP TRACE
  • FTP proxy IP alias handling improved
  • Front panel Setup (SET button) can be disabled on Administration page
  • Menu “ DHCP Server” changed to “DHCP Advanced”
  • USB file system stability improved
  • Minor memory leak removed
  • Minor firewall flow leakage removed
  • Debug file improved
  • Firmware upgrade fail handling improved
  • ADSL VPI=0 now stored correctly in backup file
  • Improved HTTPS handling
  • HTTPS error handling memory leak removed
  • TR-069 now also available in WAN SIParator mode
  • TR-069 logging more efficient
  • TR-069 CR port now configurable (default 7547)
  • TR-069 configuration download improved
  • TR-069 firmware download improved
  • TR-069 stability improved
  • Reduced SSL session cache size in web server
  • ADSL HEC errors retrain modified


Date: 2010-NOV-22


  • Stability improved
  • Firewall rule parsing correction
  • Ports for Telia IPTV opened in Hi security profile

SIP related:

  • SIP flood detection was only active when firewall log was enabled - Corrected
  • Potential bug causing restart fixed
  • Port number allocation and return improved


Date: 2010-OCT-19


  • Some web GUI pages moved to new Applications menu
  • Firewall throughput improved

SIP related:

  • IP blacklisting based on contents of SIP message added
  • General SIP DoS flood detection and protection added
  • Protection against brute force SIP password guessing attacks added
  • WAN SIParator 1 and 2 added to Operational modes
  • Better operator selection on Administration page
  • Authentication credentials forwarded when b2bua without account is used
  • Forward Action and Condition on SIP Switch page improved
  • RTCP support added to FXS ports
  • Voice metrics (MOS etc) in Call log / CDRs extended and improved
  • Additional licensing mechanism for SIP sessions based on set CAC value
  • Inhibit hold setting on SIP Advanced page added
  • Settings added to SIP Advanced pages to hide Via header
  • Settings added to SIP Advanced pages to hide Record-Route
  • Several settings added to SIP Trunk pages
  • New configuration option for escape characters in username of SIP URI
  • Improved handling of forked calls that gets authenticated
  • FXS port call waiting (incoming call while busy) timeout set to 25s
  • FXS ports compatibility with Telia plus services as Swedish default
  • Setting to convert leading +468 to 08 for caller-ID in FXS ports
  • Compatibility improvements
  • Stability improvements


  • DHCP relay support added DHCP Server Advanced page
  • Bridge IEEE 802.1D WAN to ET4 added to Network
  • Collect debug info now button added to Administration page
  • Fingerprints added to certificate viewer page
  • RTMP (Macromedia Flash) checkbox added to Security profile page
  • Packet size (max payload) added to classifier for extra WAN interfaces
  • Remote configuration (web) available on extra WAN interfaces also
  • USB read-only access (write protect) selectable
  • Logging to USB memory stick added (see help text)
  • Automatic selection of SNTP time zone in Europe
  • Interface QoS class added to WAN interfaces on Network status page
  • IP-TV (multicast) quality during heavy load improved
  • TR-069 stability, speed and security improvements
  • VPN stability improved
  • Web GUI stability improved
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2010-MAY-11

  • SIP trunk PBX account password corrected
  • emergency number default 112 to vgw-regions file for swedish region
  • remote https access corrected
  • SIP switch page layout improved
  • Spontaneous reboot when SIP uses an invalid TCP connection corrected
  • TCP data chunks sent in wrong order or duplicated corrected
  • Hide Record-Route setting
  • Resolve public GRUU setting
  • Use software versions of AES and DES for SSL/TLS applications
  • Prioritize “incoming call matching” (SIP trunk) before “static domain forwarding”
  • Ignore invalid Replaces header, don't generate parse error
  • RIP advertises high “cost” for default route, if no WAN connection
  • Wireless was erroneously activated when saving on Network Page


Date: 2010-MAR-29

  • Prepared for future upgrades


Date: 2010-MAR-18

:!: NOTICE! 5.20F4 users must upgrade to 5.20F5 before upgrading to other releases!

  • TR-069 improvements
  • PPP improvements
  • Config file storage improved
  • ADSL removal through branding on 5-port models corrected
  • MOS value format in call log corrected
  • Logging expired flows turned off by default
  • IX78 stability improved
  • TCP stack improved, TCP ACK flood when FIN meet on the wire
  • GUI for SIP settings “inhibit hold” and “rfc2543 hold” added
  • Checkboxes added for “allow” and “auth” in SIP authorization table
  • SIP trunk setting added for hiding record-route
  • SIP trunk setting added for showing only one “to” tag
  • SIP trunk setting added for hiding Via headers
  • Configuration files white space handling improved
  • SIP media routing after call transfer corrected
  • LAN SIParator detection of inside IP addresses improved
  • SIP URI pattern matching improved
  • Operator Sting settings improved
  • Operator TeliaFiberLAN settings improved


Date: 2010-FEB-01

  • Wireless mode 802.11b/g default
  • Wireless temporary enable using SEL button corrected
  • Wireless page save & reboot improved
  • Missaligned fields on SIP Trunk page adjusted
  • USB device detection improved
  • Improved syntax for allowing only specified GUI pages to be shown for certain users
  • SIP stability when re-invite client transaction is deleted improved
  • TR-069 digest authentication corrected
  • Internal SIP UA:s now copies Record-Route to 180 responses
  • Improved manipulation capabilities of From header in SIP b2bua
  • Bootloader now supports up to 128MB SDRAM


Date: 2009-DEC-28


  • SIP Trunking module added - See Configuration > SIP Trunk GUI page
  • Interface to management system (iEMS) added
  • Call logging with MOS score (call quality) added
  • VPN EasyServer improved
  • SIParator with ADSL as WAN now configurable
  • IP aliases now supported on all network interfaces
  • RTSP proxy support for 'destination' parameter
  • Possible to set ToS on ftp and other “flow” traffic generated by IX78 itself
  • Operator settings extended with more operator choices
  • Configuration Scheduler improved
  • DHCP server lease time settings added
  • ADSL negotiation and performance improved
  • HTTPS support for Web GUI access
  • IX78 provisioning system improved
  • TR-069 improvements (https, more objects, logging)
  • IX vendor specific TR-069 extensions, more objects added
  • SNMP setting improvements
  • IX vendor specific SNMP extensions added
  • Upgrade of software licenses (IFC) improved
  • Wireless settings reset upon upgrade
  • Wireless turned off by default
  • Wireless mode 802.11g default (not b/g mixed due to performance drawbacks)
  • Wireless MAC address changed to Intertex range
  • Wireless WPA2 encryption changed to AES
  • Wireless Cafe Mode corrected
  • Wireless iPhone and Android compatibility improved
  • Changes on wireless settings page now require reboot

SIP Improvements:

  • SIP Trunking according to RFC 4904 supported
  • SIP generic header manipulation tool using URI header syntax added
  • SIP calls with preloaded Route treated as outbound calls in call filtering
  • SIP authentication setting added to static domain forwarding table
  • SIP self-made GRUU, new option for URI encoding setting
  • SIP setting for ignoring required SIP extensions in Require and Proxy-Require header field.
  • SIP setting for anonymous call handling when using b2bua
  • SIP To header when using b2bua displays forward to URI
  • SIP setting for handling of missing Privacy header
  • SIP re-invite caused small audio glitch, now fixed
  • SIP session licenses allocated for b2bua calls improved
  • SIP session licenses counting for parallel ringing fixed
  • SIP setting to cancel all branches on 486 busy or user initiated reject added
  • SIP authorization/authentication configuration improved
  • SIP Refer-To header handling improved
  • SIP setting for not changing port number when switching to T.38 fax added
  • SIP support for Swedish characters in quoted string
  • Multiple authentication challenges for same request now supported
  • SIP log options added (methods, internal messages)
  • Do not modify SDP if “a=candidate” is present (SIP connect req.)
  • Default diffserv bits according to SIP connect and RFC 4594

SIP fixes and corrections:

  • SIP authentication when calling anonymously
  • SIP DNS SRV redundancy not working
  • Calling FENT (Far End NAT Traversal) UA through b2bua not working
  • SIP route header was not decrypted if loose route
  • Multiple registrations for same account on startup
  • SIP, cancel pending re-invite when BYE is received
  • Route header not removed in stateless ACK (2xx)
  • Remember primary server down for a 401/407 was not working for INVITE
  • Media relay was not working if offer is in response and answer in ACK
  • Switch to codec type used by other party did not always work
  • Re-INVITE for putting on hold disappear and 408 returned
  • Hanged SIP TCP connection
  • SIP B2BUA pools, use SIP account that is not busy when sharing accounts among many users
  • SIP registrations was not deleted properly (memory freed when objects was reused after long time)
  • CANCEL server transaction timeout was unnecessarily long
  • SIP Contact list in REGISTER response could contain bindings that was for another address-of-record with same username.

Webserver improvements:

  • Webserver stability improved
  • Increased number of parallel connections
  • deadlock caused by config function calls fixed
  • upgrade firmware problem fixed

Various improvements and corrections:

  • Increased number of parallel connections
  • deadlock caused by config function calls fixed
  • upgrade firmware problem fixed
  • Problem with flash file system reads on startup fixed
  • Rare Ethernet driver lock-up removed
  • TCP FIN flood when closing TCP connections between IX78s
  • Long DNS host names caused buffer overflow in DNS relay
  • Ethernet driver blocked in transmit
  • PPPoE problem when setting ET4 as WAN
  • Easy server sent packets in wrong tunnels when multiple clients
  • Remote config by web problem fixed
  • Fixed bad noise when no packets received when using G.729
  • FXS/FXO voice packet time setting
  • FXS sent PCMA when Snom phone sends PCMU
  • Resolver DNS servers not being set after PPP link is up
  • IP-redirection (using Security-GUI config) did not work for TCP and UDP
  • DSA/SHA-1 certificates with SIP/TLS/openssl was not working
  • TLS firewall rule not present after first own certificate was deleted.


Date: 2009-JUN-23

  • Memory leaks in dhcp server and dns relay fixed
  • String objects unnecessary allocation of 1 byte fixed (sip)
  • SIP registrations was not deleted properly (memory freed when objects was reused after long time)
  • CANCEL server transaction timeout unnecessarily long
  • MEM hybrid objects used for RNG_delay_node_s (fw)
  • Memory logger improved
  • Switch to codec type used by other party did not always work (vgw)
  • FXS sent sometimes PCMA payload type instead PCMU
  • ADSL retrain improved


Date: 2009-APR-14

  • SIP route in retransmitted ACK corrected
  • DNS recursions improved
  • Call setup delay with Aastra PBX corrected
  • SIP spirals in LANSIParator mode corrected
  • DNS recursion to authorative name servers corrected
  • Version number system modified, now also supports 'subversions' (=patches) in releases, e.g. “5.11F3”
  • MAC address cloning now also possible for ethernet WAN
  • Automatic siparator configuration corrected to support SIP spirals and spoof protection
  • route/record-route encryption/decryption corrected in SIParator mode
  • New SIP registrations now wait until previous finished
  • WAN IP server access from inside” corrected
  • DHCP server improvements
  • Increased telephone ports password and username lengths
  • Terminating # or * not removed if timeout when calling from Telephone Ports
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2008-DEC-17

  • Many improvements of FXO port functionality
  • Better T.38 compatibility (SIP reuse of port number when media type changes)
  • Correction of IX78 with non enabled WLAN
  • Correction of flow handling after ADSL retrain
  • SIP DID (Direct Inwards Dialing) improved
  • DHCP correction when using many WAN interfaces
  • SIP DNS SRV redundancy while primary SIP server down corrected
  • SIP FENT when users behind same NAT improved
  • SIP FENT through B2BUA corrected
  • SIP Loose Routing setting now default enabled


Date: 2008-OCT-30

  • Web based configuration wizard for PBX settings
  • SIP FROM-based routing in SIP trunking scenarios
  • FXS-port ring notification when other phones ring
  • Option to keep outside SIP port number unchanged within a session
  • Setting for response to SIP-registrations at WAN link down
  • RTSP proxy can now be turned on/off
  • A web page with unit information in GUI under Help
  • Option to force ADSL SNR margin on ADSL Advanced pages
  • Empty PPP username and password allowed
  • Other SIP improvements
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2008-JUN-24

  • Performance improved
  • Voice ports (FXS/FXO) improved
  • SIP support of RFC 2069 added
  • SIP selection of preferred QOP added
  • SIP Music on hold added
  • SIP B2BUA re-INVITE end-to-end added
  • SIP Strip ICE SDP attributes added
  • Other SIP improvements
  • Scheduler added
  • Internet filter (parental control) added
  • IPTV quality during heavy load improved
  • ADSL improved
  • Save permanently using front panel buttons added
  • T.38 support improved
  • IPTV quality during heavy load on Ether-WAN connections improved
  • SNTP client now autoadjusts daylight saving time
  • Wireless access point can now be enabled/disabled using front panel button
  • Lifeboat stability improved
  • Virtual access points (VAPs) implemented: AIR, AIR2, AIR3 interfaces
  • Extra WAN interfaces can now be bridged to certain inside interfaces
  • TR-069 improved
  • VPN over PPP connections corrected
  • VPN stability improved
  • Added support of two channels on same PVC (one PPPoE, one DHCP)
  • Telia ADSL PBX settings profile added
  • Static routes support improved
  • QoS routing improved
  • Restore from backup file improved
  • Stability improvements
  • Other minor improvements


Date: 2008-JAN-30

  • First official release

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