Conference rooms

This feature is available for releases >= 5.34.

The Internet Gate provides built-in conference rooms for audio conferences.

There are up to two conference units, each one having its own sip adress, which can be called by someone who wants to dial into a conference.

The caller is then asked to enter a PIN code. This PIN code both provides access control, but it also determines in which conference room the caller will be placed (it is possible to have several conference rooms with different PIN codes in the same conference unit).

It is also possible not to use a PIN code for a conference room, then callers are instantaneously placed in the conference room when they call to the conference units sip adress. But if a conference room without PIN is set up, then there can be only this one conference room in that conference unit.

PIN codes can be defined to be valid only within a certain time (from a start-time until a stop-time).

The number of conference licenses this device has restricts how many conference rooms you can have in parallel in your Internet gate.

When you have set up a start time for a conference room, you can configure a list of users (sip-adresses) who will be automatically called at start time and who are asked to join the conference. In this case, the invited users do not need to know any PIN code.

It is also possible - by using the GUI page for conference room scheduling - to call sip users which you want to add as new members in an already started conference. They do not need to know any PIN code either in this case.

Each conference unit has a very flexibly configurable behaviour, similiar to the configuration of the Auto Attendant built into this device. Users active in the conference are in an initial menu-state, where key-depression controlled actions can be configured, like e.g. transfer to a SIP destination, replaying the audio file for this menu-state (which might e.g. contain some general information about the conference), or changing to another menu-state where e.g. the participants microphone is muted, but he/she still can listen to the conference).

There are a few standard announcment files needed by the conference units, like asking for a PIN number. They same possibilities for getting these audio files apply like described for the Auto Attendant. If you copy such audio files from your PC to the USB-stick, please note that audio files for the conference units also are in the directory /ivr (like for the Auto Attendant), but the names of these files must start with the prefix “_conf_” (this is used to distinguish the conference files on the USB from the files for the Auto Attendant). On the configuration page for the conference units this prefix is not visible and not needed to enter anywhere.

The number of simultaneous conference participants is restricted to totally max. 20.

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