SIP User Scenarios

The Internet Gate fully supports the SIP protocol, which means that you may use SIP based services and applications all the way from the Internet, through the firewall, and on to your secure inside network.

The Internet Gate keeps a database of all connected SIP users. It analyses all passing SIP traffic and distributes it to the right user on the inside network.

The way the Internet Gate handles SIP traffic makes it useful for more than just a firewall that supports SIP traffic. You can for instance easily set up the Internet Gate to work as a SIP server, allowing inside and/or outside users to register.

If you have a registered domain name you may use the Internet Gate as a SIP server for that domain. With a DNS record pointing to the SIP server, all registered SIP users can be globally reached with the user's SIP address.

Even if you have registered your IP address at Tekea, DynDNS, DNS2Go, or some other dynamic DNS service, you can set up the Internet Gate as SIP server for that domain.

The Internet Gate SIP server also works as an outbound and inbound proxy server when an external SIP service provider hosts the main SIP server. In this case the Internet Gate SIP Server can still be used for local services, such as routing inbound calls, simultaneous ringing of several phones (by parallel forking), 911 emergency call routing and finding the next hop server for outbound calls.

Register Your SIP Equipment at an Operator´s SIP Server

The Internet Gate makes SIP communication available to and on the LAN. Just connect your SIP clients (soft clients, SIP phones or ATA boxes) behind the Internet Gate and restart them.

If you want to register your SIP equipment on an operator's SIP server, no set up is required. SIP transparency is pre-selected in the Security Profile.

You can use any services from the provider on your LAN and multiple SIP clients on your broadband connection.

:!: Turn off any tricks in the clients that may try to open NATs and firewalls, such as STUN, ICE and UPnP. The Internet Gate is already SIP transparent in a proper and secure way.

Set up a SIP Server for your domain

You can set up the Internet Gate as a SIP server for your existing domain, making it part of the open SIP world. Communicate with anyone in the open SIP community for free. Use any SIP service like video, presence (client based), instant messaging, and data collaboration

  1. Open the SIP page from main menu.
  2. Enter your domain name in “Use as SIP server for domain” and mark the check box.
  3. Click Apply.

Make your SIP domain DNS point to your Internet Gate. If you have a Static IP address you just have to should ask your ISP (Internet service provider) to point out your SIP domain. Click here for more information.

If your operator provides you with a Dynamic IP address, get a or Tekea dynamic DNS account and use the Internet Gate as your dynamic DNS client.

:!: The amount of users able to register may be restricted by license.

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