SIP PBX requires firmware release 5.33 or later installed in the unit.
SIP PBX requires purchase of license to be activated.
SIP PBX requires a USB memory stick to be inserted into the unit's USB port for optimal functionality.

SIP Switch

The SIP switch is the main component of the Internet Gate's SIP PBX feature. The SIP switch routes incoming and outgoing calls depending on who called whom and at what time of the day, what extension numbers were called, authentications, blacklists, etc.

SIP Server

The built-in SIP server allows you to launch a full SIP domain without the need to buy services from a provider.

SIP Trunks

trunk SIP trunks are used to connect to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) using SIP over Internet.

Phone ports

The Telephony ports of the Internet Gate provide one generic FXO port that can be configured to allow all users access to the old-style PSTN global telephone network, and FXS ports for connecting analog telephones and fax devices.


Using voicemail callers can leave messages to users not answering their calls.

Auto attendant

The Auto attendant can answer incoming calls and allows callers to make choices using their phones' keypads.

Conference rooms

The Conference rooms provide audio conference server functionality for up to 20 conference pariticipants. Support for PIN codes as access control, time-based scheduling of conference rooms, automatic invitation-calls to participants at conference start time, and invitiation-calls to new conference members during already ongoing conferences.

Test Agent

The Test Agent allows authorized SIP users to call them, and optimize the microphone and headset settings of their sip clients, by recording a message which then gets played back to the caller.

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