Test Agent

This feature is available for releases >= 5.34. It does not require any licenses. It is not available if the Internet gate has a flash size less than 8MB.

In order for users to have an easy-to-use possibility to test the audio devices of their telephone or soft client, the Internet gate has two integrated SIP endpoints acting as Test Agents, which by default can be called either with the sip adress “testme” (or with Alias 8888) and “testservice” (or with Alias 8889).

Someone who calls to one of these adresses will get the following played back: “Test Agent. Adjust your listening volume until you can hear this good. After the beep, leave a 10 second long message which will be played back to you. You can use that to adjust your recording volume.”

This way, both the loudspeaker volumes and the microphone volume can be adjusted. If you have call log with media statistics activated in the Internet Gate, you can also check that log to see information about packet loss and other quality related information which may be helpfull if the quality of the test call is not satisfactory.

The only difference between calls to “testme” and “testservice” is that calls to testme will always be terminated by the nearest Test Agent in the call path (ignoring the domain-part of the sip adress). This is not the case for a call to “testservice”, it is routed like a normal call. So by calling either to the one or to the other address you can decide which routing behaviour you want.

In order to avoid abuse of the Test Agent by unwanted exernal callers, the following restriction aplies: Only those users who are allowed to make outgoing calls (to call other than internally registered users) are allowed to make calls to the Test Agent.

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