Listen to voice mail recorded messages

The built-in voicemail unit can record messages when users are not answering their phones.

The recorded messages can either be e-mailed to the users' e-mail accounts, or kept in the USB memory stick attached to the Internet Gate for later listening using web browser or phone.

:!: To be able to listen to messages using a phone, voice mail mode Message to fetch or Message & E-mail must have been selected for that user! Voice mail mode “Via E-mail” does not save recorded messages on the USB memory stick thus they cannot be listened to using a phone. Voice mail mode is selected by the administrator on the SIP Switch Overview page, and users can change it on their Personal Settings page.

The SIP address of the voice mail unit is set on the Voice Mail Advanced page. Users can either call the SIP address specified there, or the extension given to that address on the SIP Switch Overview page.

Voice mail listening instructions

To listen to received messages dial in to the voice mail unit. Dial _ _ _ _ _

After the voice mail unit answers enter your voice mailbox number: _ _ _ _ _ followed by #

Enter your voice mailbox pin code: _ _ _ _ _ followed by #

Now you can use the keypad of your phone to listen to the received messages:
1 listen to the newest received message
3 listen to the oldest received message

After the selected receive message has been played you can use the keypad of your phone to navigate through your messages:
1 next older message
2 replay message again
3 next newer message
8 delete message you just listened to

:!: Delete old messages you no longer need to avoid getting your voice mail inbox full. If your voice mail inbox becomes full (too many messages recorded) no more messages can be recorded - people calling you cannot leave any messages!

If you are finished listening to your messages hang up the phone.

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