SIP Switch

Your Internet Gate can be software upgraded with the SIP Switch software. This software can enhance the functionality of your Internet Gate and give it PBX-like features for software and hardware SIP clients integrating them with each other, the SIP world and the old telephony network via gateways.

Learn more about the SIP Switch System:

Configure SIP switch on the SIP switch page.

Key functions of the SIP Switch are:

  • Convenient dialing between SIP phones, soft SIP clients and PSTN, using URLs, E.164 numbers and internal “extension” numbers.
  • Unlimited PSTN connectivity (in and out) through a simple VoIP SIP account.
  • Flexible Dial Plan (Setup wizard and downloadable examples are available to ease setup).
  • ENUM lookup.
  • Internal “extension” numbers, dial 0 (or 9) for outside.
  • User accounts and User's control page.
  • Direct mapping to users of incoming PSTN calls.
  • Forwarding, forking in parallel and sequence.
  • Voice mail routing.
  • Restriction of incoming callers (Blacklist and/or Allow-list based on various criteria).
  • Fallback functionality.
  • Control over who is allowed to use the SIP Switch services.
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