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===== Auto attendant ===== ===== Auto attendant =====
-The [[sip:Auto attendant]] can answer incoming calls and allow callers make choices using their phones' keypads.+The [[sip:auto_attendant|Auto attendant]] can answer incoming calls and allows callers to make choices using their phones' keypads. 
 +===== Conference rooms ===== 
 +The [[sip:conference_rooms|Conference rooms]] provide audio conference server functionality  for up to 20 conference pariticipants. Support for PIN codes as access control, time-based scheduling of conference rooms, automatic invitation-calls to participants at conference start time, and invitiation-calls to new conference members during already ongoing conferences.  
 +===== Test Agent ===== 
 +The [[sip:test_agent|Test Agent]] allows authorized SIP users to call them, and optimize the microphone and headset settings of their sip clients, by recording a message which then gets played back to the caller.  
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